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p trap leakIf you are in need of plumbing service from Our San Bruno plumbing company, please call us immediately and be prepared to relay the details of your situation to a live human being. We know that this may shock callers when they first hear a live voice, so we are warning you in advance. A resident of your community employed directly by our San Bruno plumbing company will answer your questions today; you will not hear an outsourced voice from India or an answering machine when you call us. 

If you have a plumbing emergency, you will hear our dispatcher calling the situation in to one of our drivers and providing him with an address, your address, while he is on the phone. You'll also hear a response telling the dispatcher how long exactly it will take the San Bruno plumber to get to your home. Before you hang up, you'll know exactly when to expect help to arrive. You'll be skeptical, but the truck will arrive as promised.  There will be more surprises after that. The plumbing technician that shows up will be in a company vehicle with our name proudly displayed on the side. This truck will be fully stocked with all of the latest tools, new replacement parts, and technology needed to handle your plumbing situation large or small. garbage disposal repairYour problem will be solved in a fairly short period of time, but be prepared. The plumber will need a few extra minutes before he can leave. He needs to inspect your plumbing system for additional problems and then clean up any mess he may have made in your basement, kitchen, or bathroom. 

The fact that skepticism and surprise are two of the most common reactions we get when we make promises and go on service calls shows that service providers have really dropped the ball in recent years. Our San Bruno plumbing contractors hasn't. Call us today if you need emergency service, repairs, or installations.

Installation & Repair Services We Provide:

Water Heaters - Tankless Water Heaters - Garbage Disposals - Drain Cleaning / Drain Clearing - Sewer Cleaning / Sewer Clearing - Showers - Bathtubs - Toilets - Sinks - Faucets - Water Softners - Pea Traps - Re-Pipes - New Home Construction - Code Upgrades - Green Plumbing - Leak Detection - Slab Leaks - Video Inspection - Roto-Rooting - Snaking - & Much More

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